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Dental Implants Dentist in Vaishali
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Dental Implants

Missing teeth not only affect the aesthetics of the person, but also have a deeper detrimental effect. Missing teeth not only affect the aesthetics of the person, but also have a deeper detrimental effect. They lead to imbalance in the occlusion and jaw structure leading to unnecessary and extra pressure to adjacent teeth, gums, bone and adjoining structures. Resulting bone loss, sagging of facial muscles, gum diseases, migrating adjacent teeth, affected speech and aesthetics, and health due to inefficient chewing affect a person psychologically. 32 DIAMONDS DENTAL CLINIC offers you "Key-hole" digitalized implant placement, which is performed almost like "No Surgery" and is completed in no time. We offer you wide variety of options for your dental implants. You can now replace your single/ multiple teeth through Implants or replace complete upper/lower set of teeth by "All on Four".

Single Tooth Implant

Replacing missing tooth. An implant is surgically placed into the area of missing tooth. Done in two ways; the conventional way in which implant is done in two stages and an immediate implant which is also known as “Same day implant”.

Dental Implant Clinic In Vaishali

Placing multiple implants can serve as carriers of a fixed dental bridge or a denture for restoring more than single tooth. At 32 DIAMONDS DENTAL CLINIC we also offer you a Key-Hole digitalized implant placement, wherein multiple implants can be placed in very short time, like almost no surgery.

All On Four Implants

Complete replacement of upper and or lower set of teeth can now be done by all-on-4 implants. Implants are placed with guided surgery and then full arch of teeth is attached. Our Senior Implantologist are trained and they expertise in implant placement along with necessary procedures like Soft and Hard Bone Augmentation, Sinus Lift, etc.

3D Computer Guided Implant Surgery

At 32 DIAMONDS DENTAL CLINIC, we provide “Key-Hole digitalized implant placement” which is prepared by 3D scanning and intra-oral scan of your mouth. The implant placement is done within few minutes and as almost like “no surgery”. The result is an optimally placed Implant with precision with no sutures and minimal pain and discomfort.

We would suggest you to take Consultation from our Dental Experts at 32 DIAMONDS DENTAL CLINIC in VAISHALI GHAZIABAD , ( Rated as BEST DENTAL CLINIC IN VAISHALI GHAZIABAD ) for Better Diagnosis of your Problem and Solution to them. Team of Experienced and Best Dentist in Vaishali , Ghaziabad

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