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Gum Care

Plaque and tartar build up leads to pushing of gums away from teeth.

Deep Scaling And Curettage

Plaque and tartar build up leads to pushing of gums away from teeth. It also causes bone resorption and tooth mobility. At 32 DIAMONDS DENTAL CLINIC we help you maintain healthy gums and teeth by regular Cleaning and polishing.

Laser Gum Surgery

Our gum specialist are trained and experienced in the proper and safe use of the Lasers which result in less bleeding and discomfort during periodontal therapy. Post-operative healing is markedly improved after a Laser surgery.

Laser Gummy Smile Correction

Too much gum display above the front top teeth is referred as a gummy smile, which makes people conscious with a feeling that their smile is not so attractive. At 32 DIAMONDS DENTAL CLINIC we correct this by gingival contouring. Our Periodontist will comfortably and efficiently remove the excess gum tissue through Lasers making your smile beautiful and more attractive.

Gum Discoloration

For people who are self-conscious about de-pigmented or darker gums, we at 32 DIAMONDS DENTAL CLINIC dental treat your gums using Lasers to help you achieve the pink color.


Removal of frenulum for speech correction in infants and children– commonly known as tongue-tie, or for orthodontic purposes, is a small procedure that we carry out by Lasers resulting in optimal results with reduced scarring and almost no pain.

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