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Painless Tooth Replacement - Dental Implants
18 Jan

Painless Tooth Replacement - Dental Implants

PAINLESS TOOTH REPLACEMENT - Dental Implants At 32 Diamonds Dental Clinic, Vaishali, Ghaziabad Dental implant treatment is usually completed in two phases :

1) Dental implant placement - a recipient site of the same size and shape as the implant is created in the jawbone. The implants are placed into the jawbone for 3 to 6 months while osseo-integration (bonding to bone) takes place. 2) Creating and attaching the new tooth or teeth to the anchored DENTAL IMPLANT.Dental Implants require the same care as your own teeth – they should be brushed and flossed in order to keep them clean and plaque - free.

Single Tooth Replacement

A dental implant is the most effective way to replace a single missing tooth.The implant will replace it while preserving the bone and the neighboring teeth.

Replacing a Number of Teeth

Multiple dental implants can support a bridge in a comfortable way while keeping your jaw healthy and maintaining your current facial appearance. Edentulous (without teeth)If you need to restore a full arch, dental implants are the best way to go.The restoration will be attached to the implants without affecting your ability to eat, smile and laugh comfortably. The success rate of dental implants Dental implants can fail, but fortunately very infrequently. Failure rates vary depending on the site in the mouth, whether they are placed into natural or grafted bone and whether the patient smokes.The overall success rate in natural bone is 95%, and in grafted bone between 85% and 90%.The operation, which is considered very safe, is also reversible. Under proper conditions implants can last a lifetime.Who is a suitable candidate for dental implants?In general anyone missing at least one tooth and who is in good general and oral health will probably be able to undergo dental implant treatment.The candidate's jaw must have enough bone to support the implant (if not, bone grafting may be required) and there must be enough space to accommodate the prosthesis over the implant. If you already wear dentures but you're uncomfortable with them, you should consider implants. You are never too old to get dental implants

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